New Year's Rededication



Where we live

Is no place to lose your wings

So love, love


~ Hafiz ~


 The above photo is the view from my bedroom window. It was taken the morning after I arrived home from two weeks leading a yoga retreat in the tropics of Mexico! From flip flops to snow boots, papaya to oatmeal, sand castles to snow angels, beautiful to beautiful! I love to travel and see the wonders of the world both archeological and botanical! However, the reports coming in are of great doom as according to the UN we have 12 years to "limit climate change catastrophe." Desperate to continue to experience stunning differences in temperature and texture has inspired the following words.   

Oh Mother Earth, what have we done? Species are dying, oceans are heating, icecaps are melting, garbage is floating, coastlines are disappearing, fires are raging and the Land Of The Free And The Home Of The Brave is being stripped of every environmental protection possible by "you know who."  

It is, therefore, my desire, my honor, and my duty to spend 2019 and all the years beyond, encouraging my circle of friends, family and students to be conscious consumers. The following are 10 things you can do starting TODAY:

1. Eat less meat. Livestock farming  contributes 18% of human produced greenhouse gas emissions worldwide.  

2. Read your labels. If Palm Oil is one of the ingredients, don't buy it. Farming of Palm Oil contributes to deforestation and drives orangutans and other endangered species to extinction.  

3. Do you really need to put your lone green pepper in a plastic bag in the produce section? If you are not buying  loose button mushrooms or bulk grains, you don't need a bag!

4. Reacquaint yourself with a bar of soap. Ditch the plastic bottled body wash. Cleaning a soap dish is not that hard!

5. Stay away from the nylon tea bags, as they languish in landfills for 30-40 years. I save my natural fiber spent tea bags and put them in flower pots and my garden beds as moisture-holders.  

6. Are you a frequent flyer? Have you seen how many plastic cups and water bottles and soda cans are thrown out each flight? Bring a travel bottle/mug! Did you know all airports have water fountains?   

7.   To continue this theme, always keep a fancy thermal travel cup in your car. You will never have to use a paper coffee cup with a plastic lid again. 25 billion coffee cups are thrown away in the US annually. Think about it.  

8. Have you noticed the fancy plastic suitcases encompassing fruit and veggies? The more we buy loose produce, the less they will package them. 

9. Next to your travel mug, keep an empty container in your car for your left-overs at restaurants. Styrofoam takes one million years to degrade.  

10. Shop at your local Farmer's Market.  Eat at Farm-To-Table restaurants. Stay away from processed foods. Live a little like our ancestors did when all food was organic.    

*     *     *  

  Here are the first offerings0f 2019. I am co-leading Sisterhood Of The Traveling Yoga Pants, A Sedona Slumber Party. Jacci Gruninger and I will be heading out to Sedona for this women's-only retreat in September 2019. Then, the 4th annual Yoga On The Beach in Mexico retreat is from November 2 - 9, 2019. If you have not experienced the serenity of Manzanillo Bay, now is your chance!

There is still plenty of opportunity to be a part of my Yoga Therapy training, and I will be teaching  Scoliosis Yoga Play and regular Yoga Play classes at my home studio. Classes are limited to 5, so email me soon if you are interested. 

As always, if you have any questions or want to know more about my classes, retreats, or workshops, please email me at: or visit  

Jai Bhagwan