Photography by Janet Wolbarst

Photography by Janet Wolbarst

Movement, rhythm, and dance have been my primary sources of joy from earliest memory. A childhood injury at an early age, however, made me conscious of what a gift it really was to be able to move freely. The result has been an inspiring journey through life. 

That injury brought me to a renewed relationship to my body and to an even deeper, more conscious exploration of the joy—and the health benefits—to be found in movement. 

My journey began when I entered my first dance class at the age of four. Years of training led to dance performance and choreography, gradually evolving into a career in the fitness profession. In my late thirties I discovered yoga. This was a revelation, for it proved to be the culminating discipline that enabled me to integrate all my interests. In my personal life, yoga has become my primary mode of self-expression. In my teaching, it becomes one of three pillars: dance, fitness, yoga.

These pillars support what has turned out to be an even more encompassing love: teaching itself. I realized I had a passion for sharing the joy of movement with others. A significant part of my life, now, lies in helping students open to the sources of joy within their own bodies. I take delight in seeing them respond to what is really a simple truth: Movement is life.

My early training in movement and dance gradually led to a career in the fitness profession, which began in 1992 when I became a Certified Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor.

While specializing in fitness, I continued to nurture my long-term love of dance and lyrical movement, through participation in dance concerts, performance art, choreography and dance production. I also taught classes in modern dance at Santa Fe Community College and at private studios.

For 16 years I worked as program developer and manager of fitness, yoga and outdoor recreation and classes and events at the Chávez Community Center in Santa Fe, NM. In addition to these administrative duties, I also taught and continue to teach a wide range of yoga and fitness classes. 

In 2007, I became a Certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher. The same year I also finished my studies with the Cancer Exercise Training Institute and became certified as a Cancer Exercise Specialist.

Photo from my video The Next Step, Vol 1: Restorative Exercise After Breast Cancer

Photo from my video The Next Step, Vol 1: Restorative Exercise After Breast Cancer

I then studied with Elise Miller, a Senior Iyengar Teacher, and certified with her as a Yoga for Scoliosis Trainer.

Among all these activities, I can honestly say that my proudest moment was the deep satisfaction I felt after creating and completing a special video program for cancer patients and survivors: The Next Step, Vol. 1: Restorative Exercises After Breast Cancer. For more information or to purchase the DVD, please go to

BA, Skidmore College  
MS, New York Institute of Technology

Kripalu Yoga Instructor, E-RYT 500
Yoga Therapist in Training
ACE Personal Trainer
Cancer Exercise Specialist
Yoga for Scoliosis Trainer
Diabetes Lifestyle Coach
Master Gardener, Santa Fe County