Weekly Classes

Gentle Yoga

Wednesdays | 9:45am - 10:45am  
Chavez Community Center


Drawing from a variety of styles, you will be introduced to the complexities of yoga in a gentle way but profound way. Be prepared to work as this is not an "easy" class but an hour filled with conscious and intentional discovery of your body's magic and strength! I use props such as blankets, blocks, chairs and straps and offer myriad modifications to allow your body to fully achieve each posture to its full potential.   Appropriate for seniors, those with physical challenges or injuries, those new to yoga, or seasoned yogis who just want to slow down.            

Senior Strength & Stretch

Thursdays | 9:00am - 10:00am
Chavez Community Center


Don't let the name fool you. Some of the "Seniors" in this class have been moving and shaking with me for 19 years and they are STRONG! I incorporate traditional fitness exercises, a few dance moves, yogic posture cues and a lot of lengthening, stretching, balancing, and strengthening with weighted balls and gravity! A perfect opportunity to work at your own pace....with a little encouragement from me to move beyond your comfort zone and crazy fun music that drives your body to push just a little harder. Join us if you desire to maintain your bone density, increasing your endurance, and improve your flexibility.  For all levels.  

Chair Yoga

Thursdays | 11:15am - 12:15pm
Christus St. Vincent Holistic Health & Wellness Center


Chair Yoga is a gentle form of yoga presented in a safe, supported way as you invite the chair to replace the mat and become an extension of your body. We will focus on modified classic postures as well as therapeutic movements for those at risk for, or dealing with, upper and lower extremity lymphedema. This class is for all levels of ability and experience.


Yoga for Cancer Survivors

Thursdays | 5:30pm - 6:30pm  
Christus St. Vincent Holistic Health & Wellness Center

This is a Kripalu Yoga class modified for, and devoted to, those who are healing.  The body as a whole is a concept often overlooked during cancer treatment. Too often, the cumulative stress of the cancer experience can result in unconscious physical and emotional reactions. Chemotherapy, radiation and hormonal interventions can sap every ounce of energy from a once active, energetic being. This class is designed to help minimize the side effects of treatment and to help you regain strength,  range of motion.  flexibility and restore “balance” to your body. All levels welcome.

"Lisa has shown me how to work with my strengths and how to strengthen my weaknesses, She is inspirational. I have never left her class without feeling grateful for the time spent." -Ann H.

Kripalu Groove

Fridays | 11:00am - 12:00pm  
Chavez Community Center

Release. Unravel. Pulse. Here is your chance to combine asana with music, dance with yoga, and rhythm with breath. Kripalu Yoga is sometimes called the yoga of consciousness so invite your inner dancer onto your mat! The theme of this class is catharsis, so join us and let yourself go! This is a mixed level class however, I do suggest that you have been taking yoga classes for at least six months prior to participating.




Wednesdays 9:45am
Gentle Yoga                         Chavez Community Center

Thursdays 9:00am
Senior Strength & Stretch   Chavez Community Center

Thursdays 11:00am
Chair Yoga                          Christus St Vincent's          Holistic Health & Wellness

Thursdays 4:30pm
Yoga for Cancer Survivors Christus St Vincent's          Holistic Health & Wellness

Fridays 11:00am
Kripalu Groove                      Chavez Community Center



Muscles, Bones & Breath
May 19th - Nov 24th, 2019
the heal space, Santa Fe

Yoga Play
December 8, 2019
10am - noon

Scoliosis Yoga Play
October 6, 2019
10am - noon, 2:30-4:30pm
Contact me to sign up        

Yoga on the Beach in Mexico  
November 2 - 9, 2019        
Troncones, Mexico